Go Compose! Inspire Days 2020 (Sound and Music Summer School)

Are you a young person aged 11-18 interested in learning to make your own music?

Then here is your chance. Join us and three leading industry professionals, for three unique, free, digital workshops, as part of our Go Compose! Inspire Days.

July workshop overviews (all sessions held via Zoom, 10-5 or 6pm with breaks):

• Tuesday 28th, ‘Lyrics and Songwriting to Beats’ with Rap Club
• Wednesday 29th, ‘Online Music Production’ with CREATE DEFINE RELEASE (CDR)
• Thursday 30th, ‘Field Recording and Sound Manipulation’with Sophie Cooper

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are currently oversubscribed and we have now closed the applications, however please keep an eye out here and on our socials for more details regarding the free lunchtime Masterclasses we will be running during the week of August 3rd.

Booking details:
• You must be aged 11-18 to take part in these workshops
• These sessions are open to any level of experience, whether you want to try something new, or get further experience in songwriting, online music production, or sound recording and manipulation
• We will prioritise those who haven’t been in formal music education* previously, or for whom opportunities were not always as readily available
• You may register for as many sessions as you wish
• Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
• Equipment and anything you might need for each session is listed below
• All sessions will be held over Zoom
• For all sessions, you will need a laptop/computer and a phone (session leaders will let you know what programs you’ll need to download nearer the time). If you haven’t got access to a laptop or a phone, let us know and we will do our best to support you!
• All sessions are free of charge

* by formal music education, we mean a pathway of music education that could be studying for Music GCSE or instrumental graded exams.

You can find more details about each session and workshop-leader below, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at education@soundandmusic.org. And please follow this link if you want to find out more information about Go! Compose.

Workshop 1 – Lyrics and Songwriting to Beats Rap Club (Tuesday 28th July, 10-5pm)

Are you an aspiring rapper or singer who wants to write songs that stand out?

Do you want to be able to write your own songs? Do you struggle with lyrics? Want to find your unique sound as a vocalist?

Then this session is for you.

Join the Rap Club team and explore what makes a successful song in pop, rock, RnB, Grime, Folk and anything else you can think of! We’ll also get some tips on how the industry works for songwriters, as well as how to promote and market your own material.

This workshop is for anyone keen on developing their skills as a songwriter, lyricist and/or vocalist.

In the session we’ll learn to:
• How to write songs over an instrumental (aka top-lining)
• How to write lyrics that bring emotion, draw in the listener and are memorable
• Write melodies for voice
• Market your music online
• Engage in the industry as a professional songwriter
• Write songs for social change
• Construct a unique sound as a vocalist

For this session, you will need a laptop or phone connected to the internet and with the Zoom app installed. You will also need pen/paper or text software so you can write your lyrics.

Workshop 2 – Online Music Production with CDR (Wednesday 29th July, 10-6pm)

What is a Music Producer?

In this session, multi-platform music production community CDR will give you the chance to explore the creation of music and sound using digital technologies. We’ll also look at the roles and contributions of music producers in the industry, and other wider opportunities.

CDR will demystify the role that music producers play, and show us how the skills and processes are applied.

We’ll learn to:

• Create a rhythm and percussion
• Compose a bassline and melodic elements
• Choose and apply audio effects
• Arrange and mix tracks
• Apply finishing touches

For this session, you will need: a laptop with a connection to the internet with the Zoom app downloaded. We can advise you on what free music software you could download ahead of the day.

Workshop 3 – Field Recording and Sound Manipulation with Sophie Cooper (Thursday 30th July, 10-6pm)

Where do you draw the line between sound and music? Is there one?

In this hands-on session you’ll get an introduction to field recording — by using Shure Motiv Audio App for phones and/or Audacity on a laptop — and understand how you can use them in making music, both solely and as accompaniment to instrumental works.

With musician and curator Sophie Cooper, we’ll learn to capture sounds from our everyday environments and use them to create pieces of music.

In the morning you’ll experiment with field recording, and in the afternoon we’ll learn how to use Audacity to manipulate the sounds we’ve captured. In this session you will:

• Get an introduction to field recording and how to use found sound to create compositions
• Become familiar with DAW is and are given basic tools to understand how to navigate the programme
• Learn to create a short track using your recordings, including ambient ideas, loops and rhythms
• Explore other free apps such as synths for phones (if we have time!)

For this session, you will need a laptop/computer and a phone. If you don’t have either of these, we can discuss alternatives!